The World

The planets are colonized and exploited. Governments, corporations, and crime syndicates follow their own agendas. Conflicts, conspiracies, and intrigues are knit into a tight web over the System, the Solar Highway, and a network of Waystations connecting humanity for better or worse.

Earth governments and megacorporations joined in an uneasy alliance under the OSEE (Organisation for Space Exploration and Exploitation) banner to control the flow of energy from the Sun. At the same time, the CC (Council of Colonies) led from boardrooms of Callisto restricts access to the Outer System’s resource deposits.

Only the Oort Cloud remains as the last free Frontier, threatening to break the Cold War stalemate. While coveted for the resources, it’s too distant and vast to be claimed by any single faction. Freebooters, pirates, mercenaries, and prospectors roam the Cloud looking for profit, adventure, or mayhem. Rangers patrol the space trying to keep the peace, like sheriffs of the old-world Wild West, but their influence doesn’t extend far beyond the Waystations and habitats. Beyond that, the Waylanders drift towards the far end of the Cloud, towards the interstellar void.

Project Aphelion is set in our Solar System, in 2270s. The humanity has spread all over the system, colonizing not only the Inner planets, but also the Outer ones, and the full of resources vastness of the Oort Cloud.

From the flying cities of Venus, through the mines of Jupiter and wind-powered industries of Neptune, to stealth buoys and smugglers of the farthest reaches of the System, Project Aphelion is open for exploration, intrigue and business.