A 3D mockup of the Aphelion setting book.

Aphelion is an upcoming strategy & heist tabletop roleplaying game set in the not-so-distant future, in which humanity has spread over the entire Solar System.

The players take on the role of ship crews and factions making business, exploring and fighting over vast spoils of the Solar System.


About two hundred years in the future, we’ve colonized the Solar System. Megacorporations vie for power with governments, the Council of Colonies fights for independence, prospectors and scientists explore the Oort Cloud, and mysterious lights and sightings keep everyone on their toes.

Solar-powered spaceships cross the astronomical distances using a network of waystations, their movement giving life to the interconnected trading outposts, research centers, and entertainment complexes.

Visit the beautiful sky city of Hesperia on Venus, race on the tracks of Charon, dive into underground oceans on Titan, and find your fortune in the vast, detailed, and living world of Aphelion.


Aphelion uses the bespoke mechanic known from Aphelion Toolkit: a simple but endlessly versatile dice pool system. In addition to the core rules, the setting comes with:

  • choose-your-own-adventure character & party generation, dropping you right in the middle of the setting as you create the campaign
  • spaceship generator – create your home away from home!
  • space navigation and exploration rules
  • heist & legwork rules letting you pull off those big jobs
  • trade, politics, and strategy gameplay
  • scenario & campaign generation system, minimizing the preparations and providing you with plot hooks and campaign ideas on every page

Play as a group with or without a game master, brave the universe in a solo game, or engage in a 4X strategy board game with your friends – however you choose to have fun, Aphelion has your back.