A portrait photography of Jakub Wisz.

Jakub is a Polish-born writer, living in the middle of a Finnish forest. He has been writing and ghostwriting for over a decade, with his short stories and articles published in books, magazines, and games. His debut novella, Stars in Our Sails, was self-published in 2018. He is always writing, telling stories, or reading.

Always a fan of adventures and imagination, Jakub works mostly in the tabletop roleplaying and boardgame industries. He designs games and helps others bring theirs to completion. His short stories and worldbuilding bring life into game mechanics, flesh out characters, and inspire others to write stories of their own.

When not writing, he follows his passions, including archery, ancient history, and astronomy. He enjoys connecting with other writers and giving back to the writing community with his Wayfarer’s Deck project.

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