A tense, character-driven sci-fi thriller full of action, corporate intrigue, and creeping-dread horror

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One young woman defies her father in search of treasure among the stars…

Shao has two choices:
live and die the boring corporate life her father demands she live
go on an adventure searching for space pirate treasure

Shao hates her boring, corporate-driven spaceship pilot job. Living up to her father’s vision for her hasn’t been easy, but she’s been a dutiful daughter. Until she discovers a data chip leading to a pirate treasure. Suddenly faced with a new path, she convinces her crew to ditch their corporate responsibilities to go on a treasure hunt instead.

Shao has no idea she’s made a huge mistake and that her crew—including her girlfriend, Mai Wren—will wind up paying for.

With forces beyond her knowledge at play, Shao stands to lose everything she holds dear. Her decisions will be her downfall and she’ll have to make tough calls that’ll forever alter her future and the lives of her crew. Some of them might not survive, but that was a choice Shao made, and she must live with the consequences… no matter what they may be.

Set in a hard sci-fi world of Aphelion, Incitatus takes place in the near future, after humanity colonized the entire Solar System, and technology blurred the lines between humans and machines.

The book is full of action, conflicting interests, intrigue, and fear of the unknown, both in the outside world and inside the human mind. From transhumanist themes to matters of love, individuality, and personal freedom, Incitatus is an engaging, exciting thriller for adult audience.


The distant Solar System’s lights reflected in the coffin’s glassy, tear-shaped surface as the body continued the slow journey towards the stars. The gaunt, dried face gazed peacefully into the infinity with unseeing eyes, almost as if the deceased was merely resting after a long day.

Tap. A pulse of light touched the coffin — once, then again, and soon the pulses increased in frequency as the distant instrument realized it had found something. A long-forgotten longing awoke within the tomb at the gentle prodding of a ladar. A spark flared inside the golden crown of implants protruding from the mummified corpse’s skull, then turned into a song, reaching out in pulsating waves of an electromagnetic greeting.

The Wanderer stirred.

“This edge-of-your-seat space adventure/thriller will have you laughing, crying, running for your life, and hungry for more.”

Teresa Grabs

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“Incorporating the most compelling depiction of a dystopian society in years, Incitatus is a sorely needed innovation for the science fiction genre. Throughout the story, the author takes you on a daring journey along with an engrossing cast of interesting characters.”

Garrett Bradford, beta-reader

“This was such a creepy and atmospheric read. Dark and almost gothic in its approach, it was well written, with a compelling storyline and strongly developed characters.”

Aria H., reviewer

“The plot was intriguing, well thought out, and the author put a unique spin on the sci-fi genre. The atmosphere really drew me in. It created an eerie feeling and, along with the storyline, made the book stand out.”

Charleigh R., reviewer

About the Author

Jakub is a Polish-born writer, living in the middle of a Finnish forest. He has been writing and ghostwriting for over a decade, with his short stories and articles published in books, magazines, and games. He is always writing, telling stories, or reading.

Always a fan of adventures and imagination, Jakub works mostly in the tabletop roleplaying and board game industries. He designs games and helps others bring theirs to completion. His short stories and worldbuilding bring life into game mechanics, flesh out characters, and inspire others to write stories of their own.

When not writing, he follows his passions, including archery, ancient history, and astronomy. He enjoys connecting with other writers and giving back to the writing community with his Wayfarer’s Deck project.

Incitatus cover art by the illustrious Holly Humphries.