Project Aphelion

Project Aphelion is a multi-branched tabletop RPG project by Double Proficiency.

Designed to make life easy for all players (game masters included!), Project Aphelion introduces:

  • easy-to-grasp mechanics with endless modability,
  • a self-balancing game algorithm with focus on player agency,
  • a choose-your-own-adventure group character generation,
  • a system of cards to keep the game flowing without digging in the rulebook,
  • several game modes (with or without a GM, solo, or as a strategy board game),
  • a unique system for creating scenarios and campaigns with minimal preparation time!


Aphelion Toolkit introduces all base game rules, with flowcharts, guides, algorithms, and tooltips for creating the best gaming experience


Two exciting settings for your games, complete with genre-specific rulesets:
a hard sci-fi strategy & heist game and a deep-space fantasy exploration game


An upcoming collection of novels and short stories set in the worlds of Project Aphelion.

Start with Incitatus!

Aphelion Toolkit Core: an easy to learn, intuitive, and modular game system built around player agency, teamwork, and no-prep GM-ing. Suitable for any setting. Coming soon!

Follow the development of Project Aphelion here, on Jakub’s Twitter, and on Double Proficiency website!

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